One by One "Gravity" Tip System

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Live the unique experience of playing with your very first custom made ringette stick. Certified by the Canadian Ringette Federation, the Gravity system is the result of any manufacturer’s wildest dream: engineer the tip of the future. The combination of the cap and the Gravity tip allow you to alter the weight and distribution throughout your ringette stick. Whether you prefer your stick to be slightly lighter at the front or with the weight spread along the shafts length, the Gravity system is the only one that allows you to setup your stick according to your preferences and game style

- The Gravity tip’s profiled structure offers the most powerful shots

- The Gravity tip’s innovative design offers the most accurate shots

- The elastomer between the two ends of the stick was designed to absorb the negative vibrations when handling the ring

- 8 holes per tip and cap to insert weights (16 pieces included)

- A strategically positioned socket allows the reduction of the tip’s weight and makes it easier to remove/replace without damaging it

- The manufactured material used for the Gravity tip offers an optimum durability while making passing easier